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Why a Solo Podcast is the Best Way to Grow Your Audience

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Episode notes

If you are planning to launch a podcast for your business, you might be thinking an interview format is best – after all, you get to talk less! 

However, a solo podcast format can be so much more effective when done well, because it gives your listener a chance to get to know you. By showing off your expertise and your personality, you are selling your brand, and this makes it far more possible that your listener will become your client. 

If you’re still on the fence, listen to this episode! 

I share seven reasons why solo podcasts are the best way for you to grow your audience, generate more leads and get more clients for your business. 


Highlights From This Episode 

(01:01) Get more strategic about your interviews 

(03:40) Use case studies with former and current clients 

(06:17) Get rid of those diaries! 

(07:53) Your moment to shine 

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