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78. Volume: Jane Vadiveloo Uncut

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When it comes to making any sort of lasting change in the world, you have to start with the children. After all, it’s the generations that come after us that are going to be cleaning up our messes.
In this volume of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Jane Vadiveloo knows the future lies in the hands of today’s children.
“If we really want to disrupt things, if we really want long-term sustainable change, that is honest and real, it is going to take time. It is going to take investment and it is going to take a change in a power structure.”
As the CEO and co-founder of Children’s Ground, Jane Vadiveloo’s entire career is centred around helping Aboriginal youth. She has a Masters in Forensic Psychology and has been leading organisations for over 25 years. Children’s Ground serves as a unique approach to ensuring future generations of children enjoy education, health, social and economic opportunities.
In this volume, we’re presenting you with my entire uncut interview with Jane. We thought this subject matter could be more effectively accentuated by the entire context of this conversation. You’ll hear Jane explain why her work with Aboriginal youth is so essential to their, and our country’s future. We discuss generational trauma and why that always plays a role when developing effective programs for Aboriginal peoples.
We’ve done several volumes now on the history, strength, courage and tenacity of Aboriginal people and why we should all care. But this is the first time we’ve focused on the children. This was an eye-opening interview for me, and Jane gave me such hope for the future.
Other Topics Discussed in This Volume:

All about Children’s Ground
Generational trauma and how that shapes Jane’s work
Why today’s youth is misunderstood
How history is repeating itself

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