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Did you know that 50 years ago, Leeds held the UK's first-ever Trans+ conference?

This week’s episode is from Alexander Parnham Cope, a trainee broadcast journalist at City University specialising in data and investigative journalism. With a background in politics from Cambridge. he’s passionate about elevating minoritized communities and underrepresented regions. This week, he travels back to a city he called his home Leeds - to uncover the curios and little-known history of the city, which held the UK’s first ever Transgender conference some fifty years ago. And as you’ll find out. This city welcomed transgender people to its hotels and halls then - and is proud of its history of supporting trans people now. 

What's striking about Alexander Parnaham Cope's exploration of the Trans+ history of Leeds is how much this incredible city welcomes, loves and celebrates its Trans+ history. Join us for a walking tour of the city's queer sites, plus interviews with one of the last surviving members of the Trans group of the gay liberation front; you'll end this episode loving Leeds's little-known gender-diverse history. 

Season five of the award-winning QueerAF podcast is for the millennia-old history of Trans+ people and gender-diverse communities with our first-ever launchpad project, Trans+ History Week. Every Monday, for the coming weeks right up to and through Pride season - we’ll be bringing you a new episode from a budding Trans+ audio professional whom we’ve paid, published and mentored to make you a beautifully crafted story about Trans+ history. 

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