Race Reflections AT WORK / Writing While Black with Jendella Benson and Annabelle Steele

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Episode notes

In today's episode we are joined by head of editorial at Black Ballad (and author of Hope & Glory) Jendella Benson, and teacher (and author of Being Amani) Annabelle Steele to talk about how they navigate the workplace and the publishing space as Black women. The conversation reflects on Black representation, Black motherhood, authorship, self care and Black literature.

Jendella Benson: http://www.jendella.co.uk/

Black Ballad: https://blackballad.co.uk/
Hope & Glory: https://www.waterstones.com/book/hope-and-glory/jendella-benson/9781398702295
Twitter and Instagram: @Jendella

Annabelle Steele: https://www.beingasteele.com/

Being Amani: https://www.hashtagpress.co.uk/product-page/being-amani
Twitter and Instagram: @beingasteele

This episode is hosted by Race Reflection's Admin, Comms and Engagement Leading Lady, Dionne Anderson: https://linktr.ee/livingmotherhoodcreatively

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