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Episode 026: Cathouse

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Episode notes

Guilliean reads her short story of the same name, based on the true story of her overhearing a neighbor complaining to their HOA about the existence of such a domicile in their family-friendly neighborhood. Subscribe on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcatcher. Review the show by following the simple instructions at http://RateThisPodcast.com/RaconteuseRadio. Write a love letter on my behalf & help me get sponsorship cash: https://www.podcash.com/love-letters/p9hF6! Buy an ad package: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/ads/ Guest pitch: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/pitch Submit feedback to me: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/feedback Tip Jar: http://Ko-Fi.com/writeropolis OR https://PodcastIndex.org/podcast/3213351 Subscribe to the Dispatch: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/newsletter Visit the official page: http://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks Soundscape provided by http://ZapSplat.com