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Episode 027: Effra

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Episode notes

The joy of pushing myself to learn how to edit sound bites as part of this one-woman show has me playing around with A.I. again. Subscribe on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcatcher. Review the show by following the simple instructions at http://RateThisPodcast.com/RaconteuseRadio. Write a love letter on my behalf & help me get sponsorship cash: https://www.podcash.com/love-letters/p9hF6 Buy an ad package: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/ads/ Guest pitch: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/pitch Submit feedback to me: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/feedback Tip Jar: http://Ko-Fi.com/writeropolis OR https://PodcastIndex.org/podcast/3213351 Subscribe to the Dispatch: https://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks/newsletter Visit the official page: http://RaconteuseRadio.Rocks Music: As Time Passes from http://ZapSplat.com