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Sacking or Saving Europe's Under-Fire Managers (v2)

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Episode notes

 (Firstly, apologies for the audio quality, Jack's gone AWOL to Sicily and tried to continue with the day job)

Managerial careers are a bloodbath. You can win a Champions League these days and be out of a job 15 months later, so it feels like anyone is fair game really. It's not pretty, it's probably not right, but it's just how it is in the cut-throat world of elite-level football, so we take a look at the heads who might be under the cosh already. 

Max Allegri of Juventus, Brendan Rodgers of Leicester City, Steve Cooper of Nottingham Forest, Gerard Seoane of Bayer Leverkusen, Steven Gerrard of Aston Villa, Julen Lopetegui of Sevilla and Simone Inzaghi of Inter all come under the microscope (in one way or another) all come under our microscope as we look at the gaffers under pressure at this stage of the season. 

There's also Things We Love, which includes a straight-up worship period for what Erling Haaland is doing to the Premier League in his first eight games; some love for the brothers of the moment at Athletic as Iñaki and Nico Williams assist each other; and Jack going off on one about Casa Pia in the Primeira, who sit fourth after the first eight games of the Primeira season. 

And Melon of the Week takes a personal turn for Dean, whilst Sam's Gibberish Rankings are the most self-indulgent they've ever been. It's Ranks!


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