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During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Michele Schneider who is the Director of Trading Education & Research for and host of Mish's Market Minute. She is the author of Plant Your Money Tree: A Guide to Growing Your Wealth, Market Phase Bootcamp, How To Swing Trade For Profit and co-author of MarketGauge's Complete Swing Trading System. She is a contributor to numerous publications and was voted one of the Top 50 People to Follow On Twitter by Dow Jones. Michele has won the RealVision award for The Best Stock Pick of 2018 and serves as Founder/Partner in Wizard IP, a software development company. In 2020, she won the award writing one of the wealth books of all time.

Michele is a former Member/Trader of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX, and FINEX in NYC, as well as, Market Analyst for Continental Grain and Floor Analyst for Conti-Commodities. Mish began as a Floor Broker and then became an Independent Trader trading exclusively for her own account. Noted for her Technical Analysis, Mish has advised some of the most successful traders in the world.

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