Rebecca Sounds Reveille / Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Allan "The G-Man" Gitlin

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In this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Allan Gitlin, who has a long history in the entertainment business. He started modeling at the age of 21 he started modeling and did some acting, along with taking some acting and world-class comedy courses at the Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC. He has been compared to Jerry Seinfeld as an observation comedian.

His work has included a lead model for NYC Historical Building Society, The Ghost -Internet movie NYC, Gatorade - National Commercial, Police officer - Internet movie Miami/Los Angeles, Detective-Disappeared For NBC Chicago, Chief of FBI- Internet movie, and The Goofellas - Internet movie.

He has most often been cast in the role of a mobster, government official, or high ranking police officer, and was recently cast the role of a judge in the “Lil Tjay” music video, which can be seen on YouTube.

Allan is armed with a sharp tongue and a quick wit who is a “Jack Of All Comedy and Trades.” He is Charismatic, crazy, creative, daring, dastardly, hilarious, hyper, hysterical, and of course zany!

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