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138: How to Get Investment & Funding For Sustainable Brands — Interview with Macy from Glasswall Syndicate

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Episode notes

Do you have an AMAAAZING idea for a sustainable fashion brand but are at a loss when it comes to funding? We've got you covered!


In this episode, Recloseted Radio welcomes Macy, the Director of Glasswall Syndicate — the world's largest plant and cell-based investor network.


She talks about the different stages of funding and their meanings, how to prepare a good pitch deck, tips on raising money during a recession, getting the attention of investors, and so much more!


Resources Mentioned:

- Resources To Launch Your Brand

- Sign Up For Recloseted's Masterclass

- Recloseted Consulting Youtube Channel

- GlassWall Syndicate Website

- Macy Marriott's Linkedin Page


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