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Episode notes

jE and Simar are joined by Sep, Co-Founder of Celo, for a beautiful journey of a conversation brimming with stories and metaphors that connect nature, humans, technology and money...

Topics covered include:
πŸŽ™ Sep's background
πŸŽ™ Mycelial Networks and their symmetry with Web3
πŸŽ™ Story/Technology
πŸŽ™ Blockchain Mental Models
πŸŽ™ The Vision for Money
πŸŽ™ And a whole lot more, see below...  

Sep Co-Founder of Celo:
"The blockchain reminds us that money is just a technology, but money has always been a technology, which can change..."


We Feel Fine
Jonathan Harris
Wild flower Montessori Schools Project
The hidden life of trees
Arthur Koestler
Charles Eisenstein
Sacred Economics - Charles Eisentstein
Demurrage, Silvio Gessel
The Miracle of WΓΆrgel,as%20Stamp%20Scrip%2C%20or%20Freigeld.
Rob Kalin Etsy founder
Etsy founder
The Story of Curitiba, Brazil,of%201%2C200%20trees%E2%80%94each%20day!

00:00 Intro
04:16 We feel fine Project 
06:35  Wild flower Montessori Schools Project
08:47 Celo Connect Talk, Mycelial Networks
11:55 Story is inextricably related to technology
17:00 Blockchain Mental Models
22:14 Vision for Money
28:55 Ecological Succession
32:21 The Story of Curitiba, Brazil

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