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BONUS Episode: Pragmatic Carbon Finance with Haley & Ryan from Thallo

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Join jE & Simar for an exciting episode of the ReFi Podcast as they welcome Haley and Ryan from Thallo, the carbon platform revolutionizing the way we tackle carbon emissions. In this episode, they’ll be exploring their recent launch of a two-way bridge with bio carbon registry, a key innovation in the space that will unlock demand for quality carbon credits while providing the necessary liquidity and transparency of a decentralized finance market. Thallo is leading the way in providing funding for project developers and land stewards to address one of the most pressing issues of our time. Don’t miss out on this story and make sure to share with those who would be interested, and leave your thoughts in the comments…  

Hayley Moller “If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to never let the fact that you can’t fix the WHOLE problem stop you from taking whatever small step you can.”
Ryan Gledhill “Ultimately, we started Thallo to make a difference.”

00:00 Intro
03:00 Haley’s Story
06:24 Ryan’s Story
09:44 What is Thallo?
15:47 Corporate Adoption
21:30 Where’s Thallo at now?
24:37 Projects & Developers
29:17 Explainer
34:25 Traffic Volume so far
37:57 Where’s the Market Headed?
41:16 Ecological Succession
47:32 CTA  

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