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Financing Renewables with William from Helios

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Episode notes

jE is joined by William from Helios, who are building DeFi infrastructure to allow investors to support direct renewable energy projects on top of existing commercial and industrial businesses. They have projects live across India, The Middle East and South America already, promoting decarbonization and electrification, whilst bringing real world assets on chain with a stable yield...

Topics covered include:
🎙 William's journey
🎙 Solar in emerging markets
🎙 The Helios user/investor expereience
🎙 How Helios works
🎙 The Helios roadmap
🎙 And a whole lot more, see below...

William, founder of Helios:
“People feel hopeless in the fight against climate change. Helios provides the power to make a real difference”

Akiya DAO
David Rodriguez
Draft Ventures
Tariq Fancy
eth barcelona
eth denver
Block split

00:00 Intro
02:17 Akiya DAO 
05:07 William’s founder journey
11:20 Helios in a nut-shell
18:00 Where Helios fits in solar sector
20:40 Solar in Emerging Markets
22:56 The Helios user experience 
26:55 Investor Experience
29:00 The scale of opportunity
33:25 Where’s Helios at now?
35:55 What’s next?
38:26 Helios Collaborators
42:19 Helios Legal Structures
45:30 CTA

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