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Ocean Metagenomics with Courtney and Gordon from New Atlantis DAO

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Episode notes

John Ellison and Johnx25bd are joined by Courtney and Gordon for an insightful, exciting and deepening conversation about New Atlantis DAO. The two successful entrepreneurs have founded New Atlantis DAO with the goal of enabling the protection and regeneration of the Ocean. Through pioneering metagenomic data sampling the aim is to create a biodiversity market that will fund the regenerative projects that are sorely needed to secure the World's largest biome and carbon sink.
It's an amazing project that is inspiring Scientists to get involved and giving hope to a sector that has been neglected and under funded thus far...

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00:00 Intro
03:05 The Problem with the Oceans
04:52 How did you stumble on this?
10:45 Political Landscape/Classes of Protection
13:50 What is the New Atlantis Solution?
19:10 Investor demand
28:00 The call to Contribute
31:46 User Journey/Actors
34:40 Sampling process metagenome explainer
39:46 How do you regenerate the Ocean?
46:10 Scientists reaction to New Atlantis Arrival
49:47 Urgency and Incentive
52:46 Looking Ahead/Get Involved


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