Where Would We Be Without Research?

Working with Communities in Wales - From Boxing to the Butetown Mile with Dr Sarah Fry

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Episode notes

Dr. Sarah Fry is a senior lecturer in Adult Nursing and researcher at Cardiff University. After recovering from a brain tumour in her twenties, she was inspired to turn her attention to cancer research in underrepresented communities in Cardiff.

In this episode, she tells host Emma Yhnell about her own diagnosis, raising awareness of prostate cancer among black men and how researchers can form bonds of trust in the communities they study.

And of course, we ask Sarah the crucial question, Where Would We Be Without Research?, to get an idea of why research is so vital for getting more people into clinics and increasing access to healthcare.

Where would we be without research? (1.55)
Sarah’s diagnosis (2.37)
Becoming a researcher (6.32)
Research in Butetown (9.04)
Top tips for maintaining relationships with research participants (13.28)
Engaging with underrepresented communities (18.56)
What’s the point in research? (20.02)