Where Would We Be Without Research?

Putting postpartum psychosis on primetime TV with Professor Ian Jones

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Episode notes

As well as being a Health and Care Research Wales Senior Research Leader, Professor Ian Jones is also director of the National Centre for Mental Health.

Ian’s research focuses on understanding the triggers of women’s mental health illnesses after childbirth, particularly women with bipolar disorder.

20% of women with bipolar disorder are likely to experience postpartum psychosis, compared to just 0.1% of women in the general population. Ian explains how women’s health, and particularly mental health, is under-researched. He expresses the importance of his research, and others alike, to understand the factors that contribute to women’s increased risk of developing postpartum psychosis which will help develop thorough prevention tactics and better treatment.

Ian also gives his insight into the question: Where would we be without research?

How important is it that this research continues for women who experience postpartum psychosis (06:40)

Involving people with lived experiences in research (09:36)

Increasing awareness - Eastenders’ postpartum psychosis story line for a character with bipolar disorder (15:58)

The importance of a collaborative community for research (25:16)