Savvy Social Podcast / Cultivating Your Emotional Resilience with Sarah Mikutel

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Episode notes

Social media can sometimes be a loud Wild West, full of differing opinions and perspectives which makes it easy to get swept up in the content, comments, and emotions that come with it.

But as business owners who are regularly social media, how can we become less reactive to what we see and more mindful of the impact social media can have on our emotions?

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about: 

  • What Stoicism is and how we can apply it in business
  • Navigating differing opinions online 
  • How to utilize emotional intelligence to communicate effectively on social media
  • Internal strategies to train ourselves to be less reactive and more intentional
  • Our opinions on cancel culture 

…and more!   


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About the Guest

Sarah Mikutel is an American expat based in England and believes freedom is about more than getting on a plane — it’s about becoming the most heroic version of yourself. 

As a certified clarity and performance coach, Sarah blends the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram and Stoicism with modern psychology to help clients create lives that set their soul on fire.







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