Scarred For Life / Episode 94: DimLand Director Peter Collins Campbell and The Iron Giant (1999)

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Episode notes

Fresh off its debut at the Chattanooga Film Festival, DimLand director Peter Collins Campbell stops by to chat filmmaking, his lack of horror experience and his Miyazaki and McKean influence. Then we talk nuclear holocaust, doom anxieties and a giant robot who just wants to be loved as we revisit The Iron Giant (1999), a movie that has affected all three of us in different ways. From the film and the book's inspirations to chosen families to fake patriotism to beatniks and sundaes filled with laxatives, we cover it all. We laugh, we get emotional. It's a roller coaster, y'all.

To find out more about Peter and his film DimLand, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow his film DimLand on Instagram. And if you have money lying around and want to help support his next film, his PayPal is [email protected]

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