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Episode notes

Several years after the war, a strange encounter in the heart of Paris made Zofia Posmysz, a former Auschwitz prisoner, start wondering what it would be like to meet her camp overseer. Posmysz turned her fantasy in a successful radio play in which she explored the unlikely perspective of an oppressor, a Nazi German concentration camp overseer.  The story inspired a prolific young filmmaker Andrzej Munk – a representative of the Polish Film School, a group of filmmakers tackling the experience of war with new unorthodox approaches that collided with all the paradoxes of its traumatic events.  

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Further reading Further watching Thanks 

Zofia Posmysz // author, screenwriter and writer for radio and televised theatre performances, reporter and broadcast radio editor. 

Michał Oleszczyk // film historian and critic, member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)


Written & produced by Monika Proba

Edited by Wojciech Oleksiak & Adam Zulawski

Hosted by Nitzan Reisner & Adam Zulawski

Scoring & sound design by Wojciech Oleksiak