Thomas J Price 'Unencumbered Voices in Curated Spaces' : Hauser & Wirth x Shade

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SILVER AWARD WINNER 'BEST ARTS & CULTURE' PODCAST - BRITISH PODCAST AWARDS 2021 Welcome to our third and final episode in this special series of conversations from Shade, supported by Hauser & Wirth, where we will be exploring ‘Unencumbered Voices in Curated Spaces: Inspired by the life & work of Sir Frank Bowling’.  Released throughout this summer, the series provides a collaborative platform for diverse perspectives investigating freedom of expression today and throughout art history.  Today my guest is Thomas J Price. Born in London in 1981, Thomas studied at Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. He works across disciplines, predominantly in sculpture, but also in film and photography. His large-scale sculptures depict imagined subjects, whose features are an amalgamation of sources, observed individuals and stereotypes represented in the media are mixed with references to ancient, classical and neoclassical sculptures. These works serve as psychological portraits of the viewer by revealing socially learned attitudes and understandings as they project identities on to the depicted characters. Shade Podcast is produced and hosted by Lou Mensah Editing and sound design by CA Davis Music by Brian Jackson Series supported by Hauser & Wirth

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