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Episode notes

Administration of the Salvation Army San Bernadino Adult Rehabilitation Center, Major Donald Sheppard shares his recovery journey and how he devoted his life to service of others. On this episode, Major Don talks to Matt about:

  • His childhood in Pasadena and raising arabian horses for the Rose Parade and getting to meet celebrities such as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as a child
  • Growing up with an alcoholic father and his family history with alcohol
  • How he began trafficking cocaine at 19 and his destructive cycle of cocaine and alcohol use
  • Hitting rock bottom and losing his job, marriage, and kids to substance abuse and gambling
  • Discovering the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Program in Reno because of a converation he had years before
  • Finding a higher power and getting sober through the ARP
  • His years of work with the Salvation Army helping people of all ages and taking everyone in and guiding them to a better life
  • How he has the next job in the world, helping people turn their lives around 
  • Using the tools he and his wife learned to help their own son recover from addiction
  • How anyone can hel
  • And More

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This episode is sponsored by The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers – one of the oldest residential drug and alcohol rehab programs. ARC is a non-profit and was hit hard financially as a result of COVID. For more information, and to donate or sign up for their quarterly newsletter, visit


About Major Donald Sheppard

Major Don is a Father of 8 adult children and 8, soon to be 9 grandkids. He is a devoted husband to his wife Martha, who he met in a Salvation Army program. He serves as the Administration of Salvation Army San Bernadino Adult Rehabilitation Center and he has served with the Salvation Army for over 25 years helping others on their journeys.

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