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The Spiritual Side of Clubbing with Sophia Kearney

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Sophia Kearny is the CEO of The Weird & The Wonderful, an international, multi-faceted talent consultancy, record label, events curation & management collective of which the incredible He.She.They was born.

Throughout our conversation, we delve into the transformative practices of Reiki, breathwork, and Kundalini Yoga that have shaped her path. Sophia's experiences in India, particularly her deep dive into Reiki, profoundly influenced her, harmonizing her spiritual side with her musical endeavors.

Sophia bravely shares her personal evolution into spirituality, rooted in the loss of her mother to cancer. This experience kindled a fearless spirit within her, propelling her to embrace life with unwavering courage. She also tells us how Reiki sessions have been instrumental in her own transformation, inspiring her to extend these spiritual experiences to others.

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