Squad Car 22

Episode 6 - POLYBIUS

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Episode notes

Officers Jenny and Holloway investigate an old arcade on the boardwalk and find a video game machine called, POLYBIUS. This episode stars Jocelynn Sunrise, Nathan Feuerberg, Martin James Grapengeter, Sebastian Steins, Mittie Roger, Sean Reagan and Maelle Jayet. Squad Car 22 is a sci-fi, comedy podcast by Deep Drag.

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Music and Sound Effect Credits:

Special Thanks to Zac Wilkins for our theme song, Cop Show Blues Jam 1 & 2

And CallMeKing for the sci-fi song, "Defy This,"

Beatsbyfocus for, "Young Thug Type Guitar,"

Audionautics for “Slaughter-House-Ambiance-Recording-bg”

Eluterius for “Jack Matthew Tyson Rise 90 Sound MD”

Special Thanks to Fanto8BC for all the 8-bit music such as “Italian Synth Of The 80s,” “Chip 8 Bit,” “Roxi Phutura,” and “8 Bit Radon.”

And Thank You to the folks over at freesound.org and looperman.com . A full list of all the SFX and loops with credits and links can be found at https://www.patreon.com/posts/32540509