Ukraine War Diaries: WK5 - Dark tales, defiance and stolen underwear (Apr 21-25)

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Episode notes

In the Kyiv suburbs, Seva hears shocking allegations involving drunk Russian soldiers.
Meanwhile, having travelled from Lviv, Ilyas decides to stay on a little longer in the capital. Here, by telephone, he endures a difficult conversation about the war with his 4-year-old son in Poland.
And Oksana is staggered by the sheer scale of what Russian soldiers are stealing, which stretches to her neighbour’s underwear.
From the producers of Sky News’ multi-award winning series – StoryCast, 
Ukraine War Diaries follows experiences, lived by and told by people, whose lives have been twisted out of shape by war. 
Week 5 diary entries were all recorded using Wats App voice note.
These diary entries were first published on the Ukraine War Diaries podcast feed. To follow this series when it broadcasts on weekdays, subscribe to Ukraine War Diaries wherever you get your podcasts.
Series producer - Rob Mulhern
Production support - Paul Stanworth