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Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - How Champions and Leaders Thrive on Pressure

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Episode notes

Andrée Martin returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday, to chat about, “ How Champions and Leaders Thrive on Pressure”.

Key points include:

Prepare Prepare Prepare & on Purpose

      The pressure pushes champions who thrive on it to win!

      Success is when preparedness meets opportunity

Review, revise, perhaps rewind, then their “give it to me” attitude sets them up to go for the gold!

Expect excellence & excel even more under pressure

Set your eye back on the target, trust it is on purpose, & never look back

Success is sustained with confidence and trust in their stride, their team, their purpose, and their direction. Remember, Purposeful Practice (ex: hitting balls)

Unwavering & usurp all doubt and refocus to win

Radiate confidence Focus and are forward-thinking, [never looking back is not in a champion’s DNA]

     Ex. football - take off and keep going

     Apple --> Steve Jobs

Excellerate expand your Effort with Ease and flow

     To elite athletes and leaders, the more they do it under pressure, the more they thrive on it       and it becomes effortless

     Effortless power not powerful effort

Thriving on pressure and following the steps in each podcast, ensures each of the listeners that they can go for the gold and not settle for silver!

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