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Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The Four Steps You Need to Go From Uneasy to Unstoppable

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Episode notes

In today’s episode od Minset Monday with Andrée Martin, we chat about The Four Steps You Need to Go From Uneasy to Unstoppable.

Key points include:

Open with Warren Buffet

Know your path to improvement is a process

Andree tells LA story through the Riots of LA, “you could hear a pin drop!” and becoming UnStoppable!!
1. What re/structuring & planning is needed to make you, your job, your business unstoppable?
  a. List Challenges
  b. Successes to date
  c. Improvements needed
  d. Tap into resources
2. The more uneasy you are, the more anxiety & worry creep in
  a. Andree shares a way to shift and pivot
3. The 3 E’s of Unstoppable are:
  a. Excitement
  b. Enthusiasm
  c. Energy

Listen to how Andree goes into detail how YOU can be Unstoppable today! Are you uneasy about the future? And, Uneasy to get it all done?

4. Create a Dream Team to be Unstoppable!

Go for the Gold and don’t settle for Silver!!

Next Steps

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