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Nicole Ellis, Vegan Food YouTuber and Founder of Nicky's Savory Vegan Eats

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Small Business Series on the Success InSight Podcast.

The Small Business Series celebrates the Founders and Owners of small businesses and the people working for the company to deliver exceptional products and services.  

Our guest today is Nicole Ellis.

Nicky is a Vegan Food YouTuber and Founder of Nicky's Savory Vegan Eats.

She is a Career Consultant & Vegan Food Culinarian. Her ideal clients are folks that are focusing on health and wellness in their everyday lifestyles. Nicky is known for crafting new and savory creative dishes.

Ah-Ha Moment

When customers and clients wanted to pay me to cook savory vegan dishes for them.  Also; gaining vegan food partnerships as an Influencer and being offered to work at a vegan culinary institute as a vegan food instructor cooking for students within a cooking class.



Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” ~ Frank Ocean

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