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Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The 10 Steps All Leaders Need to Outmaneuver the Competition

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Episode notes

In today’s episode of Mindset Monday with Andrée, we chat about The 10 Steps All Leaders Need to Outmaneuver the Competition.

Key points include:

1. Ability to Move Quickly and Decisively
   a. Both in planning and execution
2. Ability to Shift Course Quickly
3. Gather and Interpret information on customer markets and your competition
4. Information is Power
    a. Do your homework
5. Communicate
    a. Clearly
    b. Accurately
    c. Ethically
6. Delegate Effectively (conversation on agility)
7. Understand New Needs
    a. Tweak, maintain & command great customer service
8. Be willing to ShapeShift vs. standing still or following “we have always done it this way”
9. Covid has created a New World, a “New Normal” that is ever-changing
10. Teamwork does make the dreamwork & Succeed
    a. Prepare
    b. Play to win
    c. Go for it!

GO for the Gold, and Don’t Settle for Silver!!

Next Steps

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