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Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - How to Be Solution Minded and Get an Edge On The Competition

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Episode notes

In today’s episode of Mindset Monday with Andree Martin on the Success InSight Podcast, we chat about how to be solution minded and get an edge on the competition.

Key points include:

What do you dwell on? Where does your attention go?

Problem: Wine or complain to your partner, teammate, or boss?    

Solution: Come with an answer or alternatives instead 

Instead of playing the Blame Game - The Victim Mentality, look for and find a solution. Find a solution. How can you be the solution?

How can you convert uncertainty and flip it into certainty?   Look for what is needed or where help can come from. From you, your partner, or your team

Out on the course, how can you get creative with your shot options when you’re in a tough position or hazard?

Plan > Believe > Achieve

Instead of saying, “we don’t have,” flip it to “what if you did have”? 

Get curious about what would happen

Instead of “I can’t,” create  a Plan > Believe > Achieve

How can you lead yourself and your team?

  1. You must endure no matter what to believe and achieve
  2. Never let yourself get broken 
  3. Have love and respect for yourself
  4. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins
  5. To overcome anything, be committed, be hearty (inside). 

You can overcome anything and gain more respect for yourself and what you are doing; discover what is possible for you going forward to stay in the game!

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