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Take a trip down memory lane with Oscar and Diggory as they take a look back to where it all began - Hugh Grant's first ever film, Privileged (Michael Hoffman, 1982). 

Hughie Grant (as he's credited in the film) begins his acting career playing the role of Lord Adrian - a posh, entitled Oxford student with a slain deer slung over one arm, a girlfriend who doesn't love him on the other and his soon-to-be iconic floppy hair flowing lusciously behind him. For Hugh Grant fans, this is a must watch!  

Notable for being the first theatrical release from the Oxford Film Foundation, Privileged was a film shot by Oxford University students, starring Oxford University students and about Oxford University students.

Edward Blake (played by Robert Wooley) is one of a group of Oxford undergraduates taking part in a student production of "The Duchess of Malfi". During rehearsals of the play, Edward strikes up a romance with fellow actor Anne (played by Diana Katis) and, later, Lucy (played by Victoria Studd). Whilst Edward tries to keep his relationship with one a secret from the other, he must also make sure his dalliance with Lucy is kept from her boyfriend, Lord Adrian (played by Hughie Grant)...

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