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How well do you manage when faced with a problem or challenge? Mark Ormrod was given little choice when he trod on an improvised explosive device (IED) in Afganistan. In a heartbeat, he went from Royal Marine to triple amputee and at one point was actually dead. Mark's story is a motivation to us all.

You will likely be familiar with his charity challenges. In many of his other interviews, he talks about fighting back and how hard that has been. What I really wanted to know though was what it was like from the perspective of being a Dad and a husband. How does he juggle those responsibilities and keep going?

Mark is more than is injuries and he is more than his former career as a soldier. Entrepreneur, author, property investor, community leader his story his show how we can all reinvent ourselves and keep growing so that we are the man we know we can be and the Dad our families need. Even with only one arm.

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