Team Super Dad with Jonnie Jensen / Are Home Health Test Kits Worth It with Hamish Grierson of Thriva

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Taking charge of your own health has never been so easy and it is being made possible by technology companies like Thriva. I first became aware of what such tests could tell you by watching Biggest Loser USA. Contestants got their blood tested and then the Doctor tells them all sorts of information about their life expectancy, sex drive, early stage diabetes and a whole number of other health indicators.

I've wanted to include a home health test in Team Super Dad since we launched and it's taken this long to make a connection with a company I really liked. Thriva is that company and when you hear their founder Hamish Grierson speak you will understand why. He is an entreprenuer who has created a number of businesses. He is a committed family man and Dad. He is alos really bloody interesting to chat to.

Since we recorded the podcast I have had my Thriva test results back so watch out for a future podcast episode where I will go through those for you.

If you are interested in getting your own test done then come and be part of the Team Super Dad network where this is part of our focus on your FITNESS. Depending on when you join our FREE community we will have a coupon for Thriva.

You can of course jump over to yourself.

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