Team Super Dad with Jonnie Jensen / We Finally Meet - The Wrap Up #42

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Episode notes

It's that time of the week again. Yes, it is The Wrap Up.

Myself Jonnie Jensen and Glen a-Dating-Dad Ocsko are back. This week - after 25 episodes together - we met face to face for the first time to run a 10km mud run obstacle course race. As well as being hilarious, it got me super excited about future events and tribes of Team Super Dad members running together. Let alone Team Super Moms doing it with us.

Also in this week's episode as the world goes sport mad we discuss how much we would take to get hit by old man Mike Tyson!

Plus some chit-chat about music and how we stay Fresh - with a capital F of course!!

Tune in. Share with other Dads. And release the Hero in you.

Let's do this...

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