Team Super Dad with Jonnie Jensen / Two Racists Go To A Football Match - The Wrap Up #44

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Episode notes

It's that time of the week. Yes, it's the Wrap Up.

After the climax that never climaxed we are back to review our week and work out how two Dads are supposed to get through this madness called life.

The school year is ending, Glenn's PS5 landed and Jonnie's kids are hoodwinking him about doing their homework.

Both Dads are feeling a little jaded after England's loss in the EURO 2020 final - yes played in July 2021. It was a night of family memories as watched the match late into the evening with children and friends.

Sadly as well as the loss we are today also scratching our heads to understand how so much racial abuse can follow the loss on penalties. Utter morons doesn't even come close to what we want to say about such people.

This can only be the Wrap Up.

Let's do this...

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