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The Colossus of Rhodes

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Episode notes

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes has lived on in legend - with fact and fiction often blurring. A 108 ft high statue of the Sun God Helios, it was erected in celebration by the people of Rhodes after successfully defending the island against Alexander the Great's successors in 304 BC. But what happened to this monumental statue, and why did it only stand for 50 years?

In this episode Tristan is joined by Professor Andrew Erskine to delve into this iconic monument and the legacy it left. From Alexander the Great to Game of Thrones, what can we learn about the Colossus of Rhodes, and just how wonderful was it really?

The Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie

The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe

Edited by Aidan Lonergan

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