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The Disruptor: Ethnic Confusion Medzev, Metzenseifen, or Mecenzéf? w/ David Kundtz

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Episode notes

In this episode of The Apex Podcast Jan and John take the show’s standard mantra a little bit off track. We still focus on “ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things”, but we are adding a bit of a personal twist.

A few years ago, Jan and John discovered that their respective families have roots in two cities only 35 KM apart and as many listeners know Jan is Slovak and his family hails from the town of Košice and John grew up not exactly sure of the name of his ancestral village.  

In order to help clear up this ethnic confusion Jan and John had the pleasure of interviewing David Kundtz, whose grandfather (and John’s great-grandfather), Theodor Kundtz, emigrated to the United States in the 1870’s and in his own right was an ordinary person who accomplished extraordinary things, but that’s for another show.

Our guest today, David Kundtz, grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  He went out west in the 1960s, as a Catholic priest, and spent 20 years in the Diocese of Idaho as well as a couple of years in Cali, Colombia, South America. Shortly after returning to the United States, he left ministry, and attended the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California and began a private practice as a family Psychotherapist.  Which he did for over 20 years, David is now retired.

In addition, David has written several books, the most recent, The Art of Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going will be the topic of conversation in an upcoming episode of The Disruptor, so stay tuned.

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In the meantime, enjoy our conversation with David as we unpack the place of origin of David’s grandfather and John's great grandfather, Theodore Kundtz and maybe finally answer John’s question, “Where is my family from and why can’t I find it on the map?”