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Navigating Life's Path: The Value of Stepping-Stone Jobs, Dealing with Stress, and Embracing Personal Growth

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Episode notes

After years of working two full-time jobs while simultaneously studying for his nursing degree, Jan can attest that not every job has to be a dream job to serve as a stepping stone for achieving your dreams. 

Jan and RJ explore this very notion in this episode, recounting personal experiences with jobs that didn't quite fit the long-term vision, yet played an instrumental role in paving the path towards it. The crux of the matter? Recognizing that your decision to be there was yours alone - a choice that offers more empowerment than one might initially discern. 

We don't stop there, though. This episode also dives into the gritty reality of life's ups and downs. Sharing insights into how we've trained ourselves to make decisions under stress and how pushing our limits has led to personal growth. We embrace the notion that failure is sometimes necessary for success and discuss how progress is often piecemeal rather than immediate. So tune in, hear our tales, and gather some valuable wisdom from our journey.

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