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Surviving Disruption by Learning the Art of Stopping with David Kundtz

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Episode notes

Welcome to the 11th episode of The Disruptor Podcast !

Our guest today, David Kundtz, grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  He went out west in the 1960s, as a Catholic priest, and spent 20 years in the Diocese of Idaho as well as a couple of years in Cali, Colombia, South America. Shortly after returning to the United States, he left ministry, and attended the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California and began a private practice as a family Psychotherapist.  Which he did for over 20 years, David is now retired.

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Now that we have entered the third decade of the millennium and the volume of change and the subsequent disruption we are experiencing is truly unprecedented.  

As we like to say,  You are either being disrupted, or you are the disruptor. 

Or in other words are you Blockbuster or are you Netflix?   

With that said for nearly 2 years, all of us have been experiencing some form of disruption. 

When Jan and I interviewed Garry Gullar in Episode 8 in February, we talked about 2020 throwing us the mother of all disruptive curve balls.  We are now approaching the end of 2021 and we wanted to add a third component to The Disruptor theme:   

  • How are you dealing with disruption?  
  • What can you do to survive these waves of disruption that seem to be hitting us on various fronts? 

David has written a plethora of books on mindfulness and mental health. The most recent, The Art of Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going is the subject of this show. 

Some of the topics Jan and John discuss with David in this show are: 

  • What is Stopping? Is it a system? Does it have “components?”
  • How did he learn about Stopping? 
  • How are Stillpoints, Stopovers, and Grinding Halts different from each other? 
  • How Stopping is different from traditional meditation or a mindfulness practice. 
  • David’s major life experience where he had to stop completely?
  • How can we encourage the entrepreneurs we work with to incorporate these practices so they can live a life where regular stopping is part of their daily life?

Hope you enjoy the show!



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