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Exploring the Wellness Traditions of Eastern Europe and Retail Spaces Turned Pickleball Courts in the US

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Episode notes

What if we told you that the secret to robust health and vigor at 85 years old could be found in the rural landscapes of Slovakia? Join Jan and RJ on a  journey as Jan discusses the lifestyle and wellness differences between America and his family deep within the heart of his home country - Slovakia. He shares his personal experiences, from witnessing the prevalence of household gardens and homemade food traditions to understanding the mixed sentiments around an upcoming highway that promises infrastructural development but also disrupts village life.

Have you ever considered hot mineral springs as a first line of defense against illnesses? We delve into the Slovakian culture of health and wellness, discussing their unique belief in the healing properties of mineral-rich water. Jan's 85-year-old grandpa, who is still able to hand mow two acres of land, swears by this natural remedy from his village. 

Lastly, RJ brings up an intriguing concept - transforming closing retail spaces, like Bed Bath and Beyond, into pickleball courts. We discuss how this could potentially foster community-building, as well as the possible benefits for local businesses. 

As we wrap up, we express our gratitude to our listeners and reflect on how being less formal on the podcast allows us to enjoy it more and truly be ourselves. Tag along for this enlightening episode and have a sneak peek into the unique blend of tradition and modernity in rural Slovakia.

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