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Global Escapades: Unpacking Travel Tips, Cultural Insights, and Tattoo Adventures, Plus Upcoming Podcast Excitement

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Episode notes

Come along as Jan unpacks the suitcase of his recent global escapades! From the charming streets of Slovakia to the historic grandeur of Italy, London, and Ireland, he has a few travel tips and cultural insights. Discover how Toronto can be your secret weapon in booking flights and why Google Maps is the ultimate co-pilot abroad. And if you've ever wondered about the art of communication in foreign lands, we share why mastering the native lingo basics is necessary. Then, fasten your seatbelts as we shift gears into RJ's latest tattoo adventure at Nimbus Tattoo in Atlanta.

The whole Apex Team is back home now, and the excitement hasn't ceased! James attended the prestigious Marine Corps ceremony, and we're already gearing up for a stellar lineup for our podcast in October. If you're trying to get the word out about an amazing non-profit or you're an entrepreneur, your story is the one we want to tell.
Excitingly, we're resurrecting our fan-favorite 3 Life Lessons series. And for those nearby, don't miss out on First Friday and the new BoJangles location in Belden Village!
We're thrilled about what's to come and even more thrilled to bring you along for the ride.

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