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EP126: Man Box Culture, Dominance, Connection And Relationships

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Episode notes

Do you struggle as a man to find a human connection?Do you live under a pretence based on traditional definitions of masculinity and being a man?Have you developed a character of isolation, stoicism and deference to emotion just because that gives you a perception of being powerful or a feeling of superiority above others?

Do you want a live another way? In this episode, we speak on man box culture, men and relationships with Mark Greene, author and speaker, and we dissect how men come to be emotionless and how to find freedom and authenticity in your life as a man, finding a community that you can be comfortable around and the importance of relationship. Key topics include;

😀 Tenets of man box culture

😀 How man-box culture hurts men and women

😀 Effects of social isolation

😀 Freedom of expression for men

😀 Are men wired stoic

😀 How man box culture affects relationships

😀 The power of authenticity

😀 Effect of isolation on men

😀 Overcoming man box culture

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