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Episode 3: Understanding How to Evaluate Early Stage Investments with Michael Cardamone of Acceleprise

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Episode notes

Join Atento Capital in the second episode of our podcast, the Be Atento Podcast. In this episode we talk with Michael Cardamone, CEO and Managing Partner of Acceleprise about how he evaluates early stage deals and what he looks for in founding teams. Acceleprise invests in early stage SaaS companies and provides a 4 month, hands on program focused on sales and go to market; and includes introductions to customers, investors and mentors to help accelerate their business and get to their next round of funding. Michael was formerly an operator at Box and AcademixDirect and is an active angel investor in numerous high growth technology companies such as Flexport. Tune in to hear Michael's insights from his experience as both an investor and operator.


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