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The Building Downtown 112: Izzy (Bar Breakdown) Talks New Show, Dissecting Bars, Battle Rap Passion

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Episode notes

Bar Breakdown (@BarBreakdown), also known as, It's Ya Boy Izzy joined The Building Downtown (@TheBuildingDT) hosts Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA) and Kirill Kasatskiy (@KrilRaps) to talk about how the idea of Bar Breakdown came about, how he improved since he started the show, the science and amount of work that goes into each episode, the concept of his new show (beginning on July. 27, 2022, titled "Bar Breakdown: Let's Talk About It..."), hoping to work with GTX, KOTD and more leagues, learning battle rap business and thoughts on eventually throwing his own event, why he has to be cautious of which leagues/battles he covers on Bar Breakdown, the possibility of judging battles, the challenges of increasing and maintaining an audience, his frustration with TikTok contributors, battle rap crossed with reality shows, his commitment to growing the battle rap culture, and he gave a glimpse into the charismatic personality of the man who breaks down the bars. Follow the show and subscribe below: YouTube: Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: Twitter: Instagram: TheBuildingDT