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The Building Downtown 114: Matt McCann Talks Bar Wars, Irv and Ja, The Game vs. Eminem, Detroit Battle Rap History

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Matt McCann (@CLASH_WS) joined The Building Downtown (@TheBuildingDT) hosts Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA), Kirill Kasatskiy (@KrilRaps) and Amy Barton (@amesbelle) to talk about Bar Wars upcoming events, the Bar Wars tryouts event on Sept. 10, hosted by Mackk Myron and Shotti P, his duties at Bar Wars, Bar Wars champion Stackboy Chuck, the deep roots of battle rap in Detroit, the healthy rivalries in Michigan battle rap, his departure from No Coast, the current state of hip hop, how Griselda caused a resurgence of quality rap music, the controversial Drink Champs episode with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule, The Game dissing Eminem, and more. #BarWars #BattleRap #HipHop #JaRule #IrvGotti Follow the show and subscribe below: YouTube: Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: Twitter: Instagram: TheBuildingDT