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The Building Downtown 106: Iotum, Talkshoe Chief Marketer Dora Bloom Explains Advertising And Monetizing Podcasts

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Dora Bloom, Chief Marketer at Iotum, joined The Building Downtown (@TheBuildingDT) hosts Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA), Kirill Kasatskiy (@KrilRaps) and Amy Barton (@amesbelle) to talk about recent changes to Talkshoe, the Talkshoe creator studio, the history of Talkshoe, how to build an online presence, how to monetize podcasts, the tactics she employs when executing a marketing campaign, common mistakes podcasters make when they promote their show, how to determine what analytics tell you, the future of Talkshoe, Iotum's other companies (,, Talkshoe's security for business conference calls, what Talkshoe offers compared to its competitors, and more. Follow the show and subscribe below: YouTube: Spotify: Itunes: Google Play: Twitter: Instagram: TheBuildingDT