The Busyness Paradox

Striking Back: Protecting Your Paycheck When Your Job Goes Off The Rails

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Episode notes

Almost three years in, we think it's safe to conclude that history will view the 2020's as "an interesting time to be alive." But a silver lining of these turbulent times has been the widespread rethinking about how work should "work." The resulting push toward previously-unthinkable levels of flexibility, empowerment and compensation has met with some friction, however. The resulting labor unrest, strikes, and (our favorite) the paradoxical threat of widespread layoffs amid historic staff shortages, has made a lot of us understandably anxious about our current and future jobs. In this episode, we discuss strategies for keeping your career and your sanity from going off the rails.

Links to Topics Discussed in This Episode:

1:01 - Rail workers push to strike. Here's why they're angry.

9:08 - Timeline of strikes in 2022

9:59 - Alabama Miners Slam Corporate Media Blackout Of Struggle (video)

10:30 - Striking Alabama coal miners refuse to pay $13.3 million in ordered damages

17:45 - Great Apprehension: Majority of Americans ‘are fearful of losing their job,’ analyst says

23:01 - How to Deal with Layoff Anxiety

25:53 - Rumours and gossip demand continuous action by managers in daily working life 

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