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Denise Welch: The Unwelcome Visitor, Life on Loose & Using Your Platform and Passion

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Episode notes

In this weeks episode Natalie chats to actress, television personality and writer, Denise Welch, all things from Loose Women and her illustrious acting career to struggling with depression and the menopause. Peppered throughout the conversation, Denise relays her experience with depression that started after the birth of her first child to her documenting her last episode on social media which led to her publishing her best selling book ‘The Unwelcome Visitor’. She states that, “Part of my mission in life … is to be a mental health advocate” and discusses the importance of removing the stigma around post-natal depression, poor mental health and the menopause, as she feels women are putting themselves through unnecessary agony and stress from not being giving the right education and options. Denise opens up about Loose Women and how people believe that the heated discussions that happen on screen spill over into real life, despite the fact that she’s never had a cross word with any of her co panellists inver 20 years. Listen in as this chat gives a genuine, honest insight into Denise’s colourful life and all its ups and downs.