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Maddy Anholt: How To Leave Your Psychopath, Toxic Relationships & Creating Comedy From Tragedy

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Join Natalie #inconversation with actress & author of ‘How To Leave Your Psychopath’, Maddy Anholt. Talking gaslighting, coercive behaviour and toxic relationships, Maddy highlights the many forms of abuse we can experience throughout our lives and how we can recognise the sometimes subtle warning signs that precede them. Touching on her own experience of living in an abusive relationship Maddy also shares her advice on how to safely leave a potentially dangerous situation and reflects on her role as an ambassador for Women’s Aid. As she notes her career as an actress and comedian she also reveals how creating a comedy show out of her ordeal was not only cathartic but creative as it lead her to writing her acclaimed debut. For more information and support regarding domestic and emotional abuse please visit