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Millie Gooch: The Sober Girl Society, Banishing Hangxiety & Empowerment Without Alcohol

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Episode notes

In this weeks episode Natalie is joined by author and founder of The Sober Girl Society Millie Gooch to talk sober curiosity, the impact of alcohol within female friendship groups and fighting the stigma that sobriety equals boring. Reflecting on her own journey with alcohol Millie highlights the aggressive marketing used by drinks companies to lure young women into viewing alcohol consumption as a form of empowerment and that the 90's ladette culture of 'keeping up with the boys' in reality lead to a generation of women suffering with physical and mental health conditions due to developing unhealthy relationships with alcohol. Tune in as Millie talks about the moment she decided to walk away from alcohol and the catalyst that fuelled the hugely successful Sober Girl Society movement.