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EP3 - Sean Fitzpatrick

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Episode notes

In this episode, one of the greatest All Black of all time, the “All Black’s All Black” - Sean Fitzpatrick hands over his contact book.

Craig delves into “Fitzy’s” life and career, calling up those who were part of it. We hear from the person who first spotted his talents on the field and how Sean went back to work as a carpenter after winning New Zealand’s first Rugby World Cup.

Sean also reveals how he never wanted to be the captain of the All Blacks but being so made him a better person. He explains how losing The World Cup final in 1995 changed his life forever.

Other legendary All Blacks line up to heap praise on their former captain, who was capped a total off 121 times and only missed 2 matches in a decade. They also reveal secrets including what the ice baths were really used for.

The tough man of rugby, Sean tells how he regrets never telling his father he loved him and how he now makes sure he tells his daughters he loves them as often as possible.

We also discover how, because of Sean, the Haka is now performed before matches in the most unlikely place.

This is a fascinating and entertain insight into one of the world’s greatest ever players which will be enjoyed by everyone not just rugby fans.

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